Larpers will always commit human sacrifice?

I learned (last weekend) that apparently larpers will always commit human sacrifice no matter what the conditions. I remember looking up in surprise a few years ago, responding to someone’s Mirror Room question or another, that every run of that game I’d done (and every single run by other people that I’d ever heard reported) resulted in the sacrifice going through. Practically everything else varied, but every group always sacrificed somebody. (Which is, in retrospect, a really good thing for me because I wrote a really terrible ending for what... Read The Rest →

Caldera Larp Format Alpha Test (immediate)

I urgently need some people who are willing to alpha test the Caldera larp format / system in May. The game will be Ozymandias. All details are below, but the short version is that you must be willing to engage in very emotionally open roleplaying. Because Caldera is an alternative format, the interface between the player and the character is not the same, and one of the consequences of this is that successful experimentation requires OOC reserve ideally in the 15th – 60th percentile. About Caldera: Caldera is an alternative... Read The Rest →

Playtesters Needed

See the Playtest section for more info, but if you are located in the SF Bay Area and would be interested in playtesting, please let us know! It’s fine if you are only in for some subset of events, as playtesting is scheduled by individual game. Let us know, also, if you have space to offer– we have some to work with, but more is always good.


The new site has launched! Currently, it is almost exclusively Parlor Larps, but I will slowly be adding the games I’ve put together over the past few years, as well as new things in development. If you want to be apprised of new games as they’re released, follow us on Facebook or G+ (via the bottom roll up tab; click on the plus in the lower left). I’m hoping to get away without a mailing list in order to avoid spam, but if you really hate both those venues or... Read The Rest →

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